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We are a boutique firm, located in Ruston, LA, whose focus is Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Family Law. We make it a priority to continuously build our knowledge of each area of law, to better assist our clients. Our unwavering passion for the practice of law allows us to represent each client with diligence, effort, and GRIT. We understand that a bad experience is likely what brought you to the need of our representation. Therefore, our mission is to interrupt that experience and use our skills and knowledge to provide a positive outcome.

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Pre Arrest
After law enforcement is informed about suspicious
activity, an investigation begins. Investigations
typically involve collecting evidence , requesting
a search warrant, or interviewing witnesses.
If you’re suspected of drunk driving, you may be
asked to provide blood or urine samples.
Law enforcement may request an arrest warrant
from a judge or just take the suspect into custody based
on the totality of the circumstances. The arrest or request
for an arrest warrant can only be made if there’s probable
cause, which is determined by the evidence gathered
during the investigation.
Once an arrest is made, the defendant must participate
in their arraignment, or an initial hearing, before a judge.
The defendant learns about the charges
and enters a plea in response.
if the case is not resolved during plea bargaining,
it’s taken to trial.This is where the judge and jury
determine who is the guilty party.
Your attorney will use evidence to try and defend you.
Every criminal defendant has a constitutional
right to a trial.
If the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty
on any of the charges, the judge determines
an appropriate sentence based on your criminal
history,the severity of the crime, and other factors.
Sentences also depend on the state in which
you reside, so our attorneys will inform you
of Maine’s specific laws.
Even if the defendant is found guilty,
he or she can make an appeal to a
higher court.During an appeal,
the defendant
can argue that certain aspects of the trial
affected the outcome of the case.
If the appellate sides with
the defendant, the court may reverse a
conviction or request a new trial.

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