Claudia A Payne

During her law school matriculation, Claudia served as the senior editor for her university’s Journal and as a board member of their Trial Advocacy team. This is undoubtedly where her comfortability and love for the courtroom and litigation derives. Claudia also served as a fellow for the Louisiana legislative black caucus, before graduating with Cum Laude honors from her law school.

Before entering private practice, Claudia clerked for a district attorney office and a “big law” firm that specialized in defense litigation. Ultimately, she chose to start her own practice to provide a standard of representation she felt was missing. Claudia is the founding partner of The Payne Firm and has assisted more than 150 families. In her first year as a licensed attorney, she has completed a second-degree murder trial that resulted in a favorable verdict for her client. Her firm has over 8 million dollars in pending personal injury/wrongful death cases. Some in which she partners with some of the biggest firms in the state. Claudia is also currently a council member for the Louisiana State Law Institute. An honor in which only nine recent law graduates are appointed throughout the state.

Claudia Alexandria Payne is a small-town native who understood the power of perseverance at an early age. Outside of the courtroom she enjoys spending time with her family, usually around a table of great food , and traveling.